Making color selection easy

Color has the power to transform. Color elicits an emotional reaction; a pride of ownership. It is a feeling of well-being. Do you live in a tired, dated house or a warm, inviting home? Updated colors also have the ability to add financial value as well. Are you ready? Here are the steps!

Step 1. Embrace Color. Let’s go for a color change!
Step 2. Review the Sherwin Williams and Kelly Moore charts below
Step 3. Pick 3-4 schemes that you like (from one paint company)
Step 4. Send us a photo (or we can take one) of your building/home (unobstructed, straight on shot)
Step 5. We will send you digital color renderings from your choices
Step 6. Which 2-3 schemes do you like the most? We will put up large test swatches (area of your choice)
Step 7. Pick your colors!

BODY Acoustic White
TRIM Greybeard
ACCENT Tranquil Taupe
DOOR Copper Beach
BODY Greybeard
TRIM Swiss Coffee
ACCENT Stonegate
DOOR Rare Happening
BODY Country Rubble
ACCENT Volcanic Rock
DOOR Carbon
BODY Malibu Beige
TRIM Subway
DOOR Sequoia Redwood
BODY Toscana
TRIM Navajo White
ACCENT Shadow Cliff
DOOR Indian Red
BODY Stonegate
TRIM Carbon
DOOR Pompeii Ruins
BODY Oxford Brown
TRIM Antique White
ACCENT Toscana
DOOR Night Sky
BODY Shadow Cliff
TRIM Malibu Beige
ACCENT Rontunda White
DOOR Copper Beach
BODY Rotunda White
TRIM Acoustic White
ACCENT Ocford Brown
DOOR Night Sky
BODY San Francisco Fog
TRIM Acoustic White
ACCENT Sandpiper Cove
DOOR Fire Coral
BODY Plymouth Gray
TRIM Acoustic White
ACCENT Oxford Brown
DOOR Night Sky
BODY City Tower
TRIM Volcanic Rock
ACCENT Antique White
DOOR Pumpkin Pie
BODY Tranquil Taupe
TRIM Frost
ACCENT Shadow Cliff
DOOR Fire Coral
BODY Platinum Granite
TRIM San Francisco Fog
ACCENT Swiss Coffee
DOOR Rare Happening
BODY Pompeii Ruins
TRIM Greybeard
DOOR Carbon
BODY Volcanic Rock
TRIM Swiss Coffee
ACCENT Navajo White
DOOR Sequoia Redwood
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