Making color selection easy

Color has the power to transform. Color elicits an emotional reaction; a pride of ownership. It is a feeling of well-being. Do you live in a tired, dated house or a warm, inviting home? Updated colors also have the ability to add financial value as well. Are you ready? Here are the steps!

Step 1. Embrace Color. Let’s go for a color change!
Step 2. Review the Sherwin Williams and Kelly Moore charts below
Step 3. Pick 3-4 schemes that you like (from one paint company)
Step 4. Send us a photo (or we can take one) of your building/home (unobstructed, straight on shot)
Step 5. We will send you digital color renderings from your choices
Step 6. Which 2-3 schemes do you like the most? We will put up large test swatches (area of your choice)
Step 7. Pick your colors!

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