Why Varsity?

Communication, color and care

3 reasons. Communication, Color and Care

The keys to a successful painting project are clear expectations with all involved. This starts with our very detailed proposal outlining every aspect of what is being done and what to expect while it happens. Communicating with residents/tenants that are affected is handled through multiple notices to avoid any hidden surprises. We maintain an open dialogue with you, the customer, as the job progresses to address any concerns and outline our progress.

Color is our passion. There is so much value that we can add to your community with a color change. Let us show you how to embrace color. Click on the color tab above.

We are your painter this year and it’s our goal to be your painter in 7-8 years when you paint again. We start by ensuring the job will last with detailed preparation, expert craftsmanship and premium products. We back it up with a 7 year warranty on all wood and stucco. If you have any issues in those 7 years, just give us a call. Let’s keep your home or building looking good until it’s time to paint again? Our job is to protect and to beautify.



  • 4+ Notices with all residents
  • Weekly updates with management
  • 24 hour response to any concern
  • English speaking foreman on-site at all times


  • In house color consultant
  • Our own custom color charts with Kelly Moore and Sherwin Williams
  • We love color. There is so much emotional and financial value that can be added with a color change. While most painters would prefer to paint the same existing color, or have no part in the color decision making, we embrace it. Let’s have some fun with color!


  • Craftsmen painters treating your home like it is our home
  • 7 year warranty (best in industry)
  • We may not be the lowest price.   A paint job’s true cost is measured by how long it lasts. We are guaranteeing your project for the duration of a typical paint life cycle (7 years).   We will stand behind this project until it’s time to paint again.

Our Customers

“I received what I feel to be the best painting contractor performance ever”
Patricia Arnold

GM, Crow Canyon Country Club Estates

“I have used Varsity Painting on two different projects.  I have found their crew to be extremely professional and courteous to the residents.  On the rare occasion when a warranty item needed to be addressed, Varsity immediately took care of the problem.  I would not hesitate to recommend their services.  On a more personal level, I have found Roland Thoms to be a person of his word and I am particularly impressed with his philanthropic endeavors through his business.”
Bill Hubbard

Community Management Services, Inc.

“We’ve worked with Varsity Painting’s group many times over the past decade and they’ve proven again and again to be amongst the very best in the business. Their team is capable, friendly, knowledgeable, courteous and, perhaps most importantly, very good at what they do. Their management team is focused, responsive and eager to please. With large paint jobs, regardless of contractor selection, there is inevitably some kind of problem – after all, in a condo community with 200 owners there are 200 different ideas of what a “good job” is. With Varsity, if any issue does arise, one call will fix the problem. This is absolutely invaluable – and is the proverbial cherry on top differentiating Varsity from the rest. Do yourself and your community a big favor and consider working with Varsity on your next paint project!”
Jason M. Marquez, CCAM, CMCA

President, CJM Association Services

“With 180 homeowners, issues were bound to arise when their homes were painted. I was impressed how Varsity Painting resolved any concerns immediately and reported back to me. Job well done.”
Robyn Hetland

Management, Live Oak Homeowners Association

“My townhouse was painted by Varsity Painting as part of a painting of our entire complex.

I am very pleased with their “product”; both the painting aspect and their interaction with me. They paid particular attention to minimizing the disruption that naturally occurs with this work. And, they responded immediately to any requests.”

Richard Wallace


“Varsity Painting is at the top of my bid list. I appreciate the personal touch when working with the project managers. The crews work well with the homeowners and exhibit a great attention to detail.”
Emily Ramirez, CCAM, CMCA

Senior Manager, Associa Northern California

“Varsity Painting is a great painting company to work with. Their bids are timely and in line and their project managers help the project run smoothly, making my job easier. I would highly recommend Varsity Painting!”
Shelley Ortez, CCAM, CMCA

Senior Association Manager, Associa Northern California

“After 25 years in the industry of working with challenging boards and under-performing contractors, it was refreshing to work with a company like Varsity Painting who approached each component of the project with professionalism and abundant communication. They made one of my hard-to-please boards a Varsity believer.”
Sharon Massingham

GM, Gardens of Sunnyvale

“After painting both of our shopping centers, our tenants took the time to call or come by to thank us for hiring a company whose employees were so sensitive to the needs of their businesses and their customers”
Roberta Rivet

R.T. Nahas Company

“Great customer service, very competitive with pricing and the Varsity crew produces a excellent finished product!”
Gary Fields

Regency Centers

“ACE Property Management has worked with Varsity Painting on both large and small projects. On all of the jobs they have done for us they have shown the utmost in professionalism and quality of work. Their attention to detail and the attitude of always “doing the right thing” keep them at the top of our list.”
Paul Polk, CCAM

ACE Property Management

“We have used Varsity Painting for numerous projects- big and small- and they can handle it all. From the bid process to color selection to the actual work of prep and painting they make my life as a community manager easier knowing that they will take care of every detail. Varsity Painting has consistently exceeded our expectations in providing notice to the communities, communicating back to management and the Board and owning all aspects of the job.”
Ryan Bantz, CCAM, CPA

Community Manager, Homeowner Association Services

Our Process



  • Initial walk through
  • Any repairs needed?
  • Color consultation and selection
  • Initial notices to all


  • Thorough washing
  • Removal of all failed paint
  • Caulking to ensure a watertight substrate
  • Spot or full priming
  • Windows and non-painted areas masked


  • Only the highest quality paints
  • Spraying and back-rolling on porous surfaces
  • Back-rolling pushes the paint into the nooks and crannies.
  • 2nd coat of paint recommended for added longevity and better color coverage
  • Brush work to apply paint to trim
  • Doors painted at customers convenience


  • Our final quality check
  • Walk through with customer
  • Any final touch-ups
  • Warranty certificate
  • Color matrix of all colors used
  • Touch-up paint provided to you.


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