Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do our prices compare to other contractors?
A. Our prices are very competitive when you are comparing the same service. We only use top quality paints with top manufacturers. We focus on only top notch preparation in order to make our job last and we carry full workers compensation coverage as well as $2,000,000 in liability insurance. When you combine this with a 2 year guarantee and compare us to other contractors, we know you will find us to be the best value around.

Q. How does our "Guarantee" work?
A. The Guarantee of quality is backed by the company, which means that if anything goes wrong with your job as a result of work we performed, the company will fix it free of charge for labor and materials for 2-5 years (depending on amount of work/coats of paint). Most companies offer a "paint only" guarantee where we make sure the painting job on your home will last for years.

Q. What kind of safety precautions do you have?
A. Safety is the most important part of any job. Our Safety Program includes on site manuals and weekly safety briefings of which are the most advanced in the industry. Feel free to ask the Crew Chief to see the on-site safety program. We are very proud of it. It is a good practice to make sure any contractor you have doing work on your home has an on-site written safety program as it lowers the risk of any possible problems.

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